As in, pronto. Severance pay be damned.

9 Bollywood Actors Who Need To Fire Their Stylists

Just when you thought that men had evolved and had finally come to grips with decent fashion sense, there are actors like these who drag all of mankind back two steps. For the sake of public safety, here’s a list of nine Bollywood actors who need to fire their stylists:


Ranveer Singh

Until good fashion sense becomes a purchasable commodity, we’ll just have to get accustomed to having our eyes bleed every time Ranveer steps out of the house.




Much as we love the actor, we wish we could say the same about his wardrobe choices. The 90s are gone. Long gone. Perhaps it’s time to bury those flamboyant outfits. Although if you ask us, given the degree of his offences, cremation is the way to go. 



Prateik Babbar

Umm, Prateik? Heads Up: Those low cut shirts with the unwanted acres of man-cleavage are only acceptable if you’re headed to a Sherlyn Chopra convention. Just thought we’d let you know.



Yash Birla

Yash Birla, on the other hand, is absolutely excused for those garish outfits given his position as presiding officer of aforementioned convention on tackiness.



Vivek Oberoi

The amount of attention he loses out on in his movies is directly proportional to the amount that his questionable wardrobe choices gain on the red carpet. 



Abhishek Bachchan

For an actor who hasn’t been particularly known for his manliness, a fact aggravated by his decision to star in films like Dostana, the least he’s do to redeem his rep would be to give all things floral and pink a wide, wide berth. Or so you’d think.



Ajay Devgn

Who says bad dressing sense isn’t contagious? While wifey Kajol is busy sending fashion critics into meltdown, devoted husband Ajay is doing his best to divert attention from her with outfits like these, which were best left in the 90s.



Akshay Kumar

With a hot bod like that, Akshay doesn’t have much trouble carrying off his designer threads, but it is his penchant for sequins and occasional printed shirts like these that has the fashion police baying for his blood.



Amitabh Bachchan

First, the weird belted jacket that looked like it was recycled from Aishwarya’s cast-offs back in the 80s, then this sequined horror coupled with a polka dotted (You read that right!) bow tie and Amitabh Bachchan had unfortunately earned himself an indefinite sentence in fashion rehab.