1. Bhangarh Fort | Alwar | Rajasthan

Bhangarh is a place between Jaipur and Delhi known for its ruins. Bhangarh is also a prehistoric site.Entry to Bhangarh is legally prohibited between sunset and sunrise. A signboard posted by ASI (Archaeological Survey of India), which is a Government of India organization, specifies the instructions. Visitors are not allowed in the area after sunset, owing to the paranormal activities reported inside.


2. Dow Hill | Kurseong | West Bengal

Kurseong is a hill station and sub-divisional town in the Darjeeling district of the Indian state of West Bengal.It seems that this entire hill-station is more or less a ghost town. This town is over-shadowed with haunted buildings, haunted roads and mysterious forests.


3. GP Block | Meerut | Uttar Pradesh

This GP Block although not well known but is to be found one of the most haunted areas in the city’s history. The most bizarre occurrences have been reported in this area. The building is double-storeyed and apparently, houses a lot of evil spirits. Four men can be seen having drinks – the same sighting has been reported by a lot of people, exact in detail.


4. The Shaniwarwada Fort | Pune | Maharashtra

Built in 1746,it was the seat of the Peshwa rulers of the Maratha Empire.The fort itself was largely destroyed in 1828 by an unexplained fire, but the surviving structures are now maintained as a tourist site. the walls of this fort have mysterious tales to tell.


5. Ramoji Film City | Hyderabad | Telangana

A lot of hotels in the Ramoji Film City have been reported to be haunted. Locals believe that it is because the film city is built on the lands of Nizam Sultans that it experiences paranormal activities. Time and again, people have reported mysterious shadows, spooky figures appearing and disappearing and knocking sounds on doors.


6. Jatinga Valley | Assam

Jatinga is a beautiful valley in Assam. But come September, a particular stretch observes mysterious bird suicides in large numbers on every moonless night. The birds migrate to this place every year but not one of them flies back. What’s the reason for these bird suicides? Even scientists have been trying to figure out since a long time, but there’s no definite answer.


7. Tunnel No 33 | Shimla

The tunnel no. 103 falls on the Shimla-Kalka railway track. People believe that there’s not one but many spirits that live inside it. It is damp and dark inside, and some people have even experienced a British spirit talking to them audibly. People have even seen a woman’s spirit pass through the walls of the tunnel.


8. Brij Raj Bhavan Palace | Kota | Rajasthan

The palace still houses the ghosts of a British general and his son who died in the same place during the revolt of 1857. According to the guards, the ghosts are generally harmless, but there have been instances when they have been slapped by invisible people during the night.


9. Feroz Shah Kotla | Delhi

This place is beautiful as well has mysterious, however it’s just the Djinns now, who dwell in these ruins. The place is said to be visited by fairies, numerous suicides have taken place here and although the authorities deny it, most buildings around are built facing the other way.


10. National Library | Kolkata

There have been so many instances of supernatural occurrences at the National Library. Ghosts of labourers who died building the library have been spotted. Long ago, there was a student who entered the library to do his research but never returned. A lot of people say that every morning, letters and papers are found scattered on desks in the library.


Source: Wikipedia